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Atomic Hysteria

Product Description

"Atomic Hysteria" Serigraph (Silkscreen) by Edwin Wade

This colorful mid-century modern inspired silk-screen print will look amazing in any home.  Each print is signed by the artist and is a limited edition piece.  11" x 14".

Usually ships in 1-2 weeks 

About the artist:

"Educated in Studio Arts from Youngstown State University. I explore a variety of mediums in my work including, Oil painting, Collage, Digital, Etching, Silkscreen & Wood Relief Sculpture, however my aesthetic is consistent between individual pieces using recurring symbols and themes. 

 I seek to produce Abstract works similar in tone, form and color to what actually existed during this period.  I utilize juxtaposition and humor in my Series of Serigraphs, Collages, Monotypes and Giclees entitled "Atomic Propaganda" based on the Hysteria, paranoia and Hi-jinx of the Mid Century period. I seek to touch on themes that were generated by WWII and progressed through the sixties in America."

About the Serigraph Process:

Serigraphy is the name commonly used for fine art prints created using the silk-screen technique, the word coming from the Greek roots of seri (silk) and graph (write or draw).  The word serigraph can be used interchangeably with silkscreen, but is often preferred by fine artists to differentiate their work from mass-produced silkscreen items like t-shirts, posters, and coffee mugs.

Fine artists create limited edition silk-screens by applying layer upon layer of pigment to the print surface by pressing it through a mesh screen containing a stencil.  The process commonly uses inks for pigment and stencils made of a variety of materials.  Paper and plastic cutouts can be used as stencils, but using stencil fluid, which is applied like paint to the screen using a brush, stylus, or palette knife, creates a more “painterly” look.  When the liquid stencil dries, it prevents the transfer of ink through the screen at that location, creating a "negative space" on the print.  The artist has to think backward from the normal process of adding pigment to a surface to remain visible (defined as an additive process).  In serigraphy, the pigment is added to the print surface to cover much of the previous layers, with the stencil allowing only the desired pigments to remain untouched and visible in the final print.  For this reason, serigraphy is called a reductive process.

As a screen image is printed, the layers of stencil tend to erode due to the friction caused by the squeegee used to press the ink through the screen.  Thus the serigraphic process inherently can create only limited edition prints.

"Limited Edition" refers to the fact that there is only a certain amount, or "limited" number of serigraphs printed of a specific piece of artwork.  After the edition is printed, all of the original artwork and screens used to make the print are destroyed or effaced.  This ensures that no additional prints of this image will be made in the future.  This is the opposite of an "Open Edition", where public demand determines the number of pieces included in an edition.

 The limited life of the stencil (typically less than 200 impressions) prevents unlimited editions.  Additionally, variables in the process of hand-pulling serigraphs mean that each individual print is slightly different from each other print in the edition.  Minor deviations in color registration, ink distribution, and even intentional variations injected by the artist yield individual prints that are truly "one-of-a-kind."  For this reason, collectors as legitimate, collectible fine art investments consider serigraphs.  Since the artist is producing multiple prints of the same basic image with less time and expense than required to paint the images, he or she can offer the prints for a more affordable price than hand-painted works.  Therefore art buyer benefit by being able to purchase a one-of-a-kind original art piece for a fraction of the cost of an individually painted work. 



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  1. Unique palm springs home decor 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2013

    What a coole piece of art! It looks fantastic in my living room. I love palm springs home decor. I can't believe what a great price this was. I get a ton of compliments on it.

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