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Hip Modern Pots & Planters for Your Home

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Achieving the unique ambiance created by Palm Springs home decor often comes down to the little details; those touches that add to the overall design in quirky and surprising ways. Modern pots and planters often lend to the overall design of mid-century modern decor in any setting. The entire selection of planters of all sizes and shapes, available through our website, stay true to authentic mid-century modern design. Whether you need a tabletop model, a floor stand planter or even one that hangs on your wall, we've got the modern pots that fit perfectly in within your design and meet your functional needs. 

Palm Springs home Decor

The hugely popular iconic shape of the peanut planter makes it a best seller for Just Modern Decor. From Vessel Architectural Pottery, the table-top planter is practically a staple of Palm Springs mid-century decor. Perfect for either indoor or outdoor use, the elongated congruous bowls come in two sizes for better implementation within your space. 

Vessel also manufactures free-standing floor planters that recall the chic and clean lines of 1950's atomic ranch design. The S-3 planter comes in a variety of colors to enhance your Palm Springs home decor and works for both indoor and outdoor use. Palm Springs Mid-Century DecorSupported by a metal stand, this eye-catching yet functional planter also has an optional walnut stand available for those preferring a more organic look. We invite you to browse our entire selection of pots and planters at Just Modern Decor in Palm Springs or on the web. 

Atomic Ranch Design's Impact on Palm Springs Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern decor in Palm Springs, or anywhere else in America for that matter, would be half of what it is if it wasn't for Atomic Ranch design. The design and architecture labeled Atomic Ranch is the uniquely American architectural styling that dominated the landscape during the early 1950's and into the 1970's. It is distinctive [...]

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The Iconic Design of Mid-Century Modern Furniture and the Bullet Planter

As Palm Springs' mid-century modern furniture store, we are always looking for those iconic mid-century furniture and accessory pieces that recall the chic ambience of late 1950's America. As one of our top-selling items, the Retro Bullet Planter does just that. The conical shape and bright colors of the bullet reflect American's obsession with space-related items that [...]

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Palm Springs: The Inspiration Behind our Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Living and running a business in Palm Springs has allowed our passion for Palm Springs mid-century furniture to flourish. That passion for the truly iconic and eclectic design spurs our quest to provide our customers with only the best in Palm Springs home decor. Palm Springs itself is a mecca for lovers of mid-century modern [...]

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The Hip History of Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Design

Though the movement started almost 80 years ago, mid-century modern design still continues to inspire architectural aficionados and design junkies alike. The clean lines, organic shapes and ephemera that dominate the look continue to gain new fans of all ages. After the arts and crafts age came to a close, designers all over the nation [...]

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Bring the Vibe of Palm Springs to Your Home with Mid-Century Modern Decor

Let's face it, Palm Springs has a vibe all its own. Difficult to replicate, this vibe, which can only be referred to as "desert chic", combines the glamour of old Hollywood and the funkiness of mid-century modern decor. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting this desert getaway, know the subtle funkiness that permeates [...]

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Palm Springs Modern Furniture Represents... Attention To Detail

When you've decided to invest in some high quality furniture, you've decided to go with buying something that best represents your personality. You are a high quality person and we know you want some high quality furniture. Well, we have the Palm Springs modern furniture that will make you crave a new investment for your [...]

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Palm Springs Modern Indoor Furniture Reaches New Levels Of Class

One of the best things a person can do when they walk into your home is recognize your really nice Palm Springs modern indoor furniture. There's nothing like a compliment or some flattery for choosing some sophisticated and classy furniture. We know this to be true because we believe in being homeowners that take pride [...]

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Affordable Palm Springs Mid Century Furniture

We know just how difficult it can be to find the right furniture for your home. Sometimes, after hours of searching, it feels like you will never find the right piece to match the rest of your furniture. This can be incredibly frustrating and sometimes it makes you want to throw your computer through a [...]

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