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Well Made Palm Springs Modern Furniture

We are Just Modern Inc. and we specialize in unique, mid-century modern inspired home accessories, art furniture and decor. We were founded in 2011 by J. Chris Mobley and Stewart Penn. Our goal is to bring you the best products at the best prices while making sure that you are very happy. We continually search [...]

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Modernism Week - Just Modern and Modern Bear!

Just Modern had so much fun during Modernism Week!  Modern Bear's Chris Bale and Travis Smith visit Just Modern's booth at the Prefab Showcase and Modern Living Expo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbVBsKntzYg

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Just Modern's new location in Palm Springs, CA

We are so excited to have finally moved into our new store location in Palm Springs, CA.   While it's only 30ft away from our first store's location, the space and views at the new Just Modern Store really highlight the art, furniture and decor of our partners and artists! Storefront on N. Palm Canyon Drive Beautiful views....so [...]

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Just Modern sponsors Palm Springs Modernism Week 2013

Just Modern sponsors Modernism Week 2013   Modernism Week 2013 is right around the corner...have you purchased your tickets? The 8th Annual Palm Springs Modernism Week event is actually 11 days (February 14th - 24th, 2013).  With over 100 events to choose from, this will prove to be the best year ever!   Visit www.modernismweek.com to see a list of available events from [...]

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Palm Springs Life and Just Modern Inc

We are very happy to life and work in such a great town! Thanks Palm Springs Life Just Modern Inc 901 N Palm Canyon Drive #105 Palm Springs, CA 92262

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Palm Springs Modernism Week

Modernism Week is right around the corner!   Palm Springs Modernism Week is right around the corner.  Tickets for this amazing week go on sale in September!  Check out www.modernismweek.com after September 1, 2012 and purchase your tickets before they are sold out. photo courtesy of Palm Springs Modernism Week If you are looking for a great time, Palm [...]

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Mid-Century inspiration in the form of Family Vacations!

1960's family vacation...these images are what I remember from our family road trips. Do they bring you back in time? The colors and architecture serve as inspiration for our search for cool Just Modern products.

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Vintage Future

Over the last few months we have had a lot of fun creating images using our current product line and various vintage advertisements and movie/tv show photos.  Because our line of furniture, art, decor and accessories are inspired by the mid-century modern period, they somehow seem to fit right in. Art Gallery with Fred Ardnt, Kathleen [...]

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Recreating today from yesterday's ads!

Recreating today with yesterday's ads!   I love promoting all of the amazing designers and artist that help to make Just Modern a great store...in my humbled opinion.  Designing new ads from vintage ads is one of my most favorite things to do. Step out in style with Atomic Skyway, Marcus Papay, Jake Stanford and Kathleen Strukoff The ModFire [...]

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Palm Springs inspired art by Kathleen Strukoff

Palm Springs inspired art by Kathleen Strukoff   The Just Modern Store in Palm Springs, CA is very excited to present an amazing art collection by Kathleen Strukoff...If you are in the are, please stop by and check it out!

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