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Atomic Ranch Design's Impact on Palm Springs Modern Furniture

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Mid-century modern decor in Palm Springs, or anywhere else in America for that matter, would be half of what it is if it wasn't for Atomic Ranch design. The design and architecture labeled Atomic Ranch is the uniquely American architectural styling that dominated the landscape during the early 1950's and into the 1970's. It is distinctive in its low-profile, sparsely decorated facade. Atomic ranch homes of the era were of a single-story, included a low roofline and were asymmetrical in layout, generally L-shaped or U-shaped. Indoors, the roofline lent itself to vaulted ceilings that often were lined with exposed beams. Large windows and sliding glass doors dominated the facing where the trim and accents were always kept to a minimum. The overall style incorporated the traditional ranch with ultra-modern touches like angled gables and large overhanging eaves. With more examples of mid-century modern architecture than anywhere in the world, Palm Springs serves as both a mecca and a living museum to those enthusiasts who are passionate about Atomic Ranch design and mid-century modern furniture and architecture. 

Atomic Ranch design used in Palm Springs home decor incorporates the funky hip feel of the 50's with its clean lines, simple angles and bright and bold use of off-beat colors. Keeping true to the overall ambiance of a mid-century Atomic Ranch home is made simple with Palm Springs modern indoor furniture by Just Modern. We are the premier source in Palm Springs and on the internet for the fabulous, most sought-after examples of Palm Springs mid-century decor. We invite you to browse our selection of the fun and funky that is Atomic Ranch decor.