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The Iconic Design of Mid-Century Modern Furniture and the Bullet Planter

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As Palm Springs' mid-century modern furniture store, we are always looking for those iconic mid-century furniture and accessory pieces that recall the chic ambience of late 1950's America. As one of our top-selling items, the Retro Bullet Planter does just that. The conical shape and bright colors of the bullet reflect American's obsession with space-related items that hint at the arrival of the modern era. 

bullet planter

First designed and made by several different manufacturers in the 50's, the bullet planter's unique fiberglass shape design has never been trademarked. Leaving the initial designer of the bullet planter to remain unnamed to this day. Still a popular choice for mid-century modern furniture enthusiasts, the bullet planter remains the icon of mid-century design that it was 60 years ago. The bullet planter was a staple throughout Atomic Era ranch homes and its simple lines still attract those looking for the clean lines and vibrant colors of the age. 

At Just Modern in Palm Springs, we carry a full line of bullet planters in a range of 50's inspired colors and varying heights. Adorn your outdoor patio or any indoor room with the planter that has planted itself in our atomic psyches. Shop our site for more Palm Springs home decor and accessories. As enthusiasts of, what we believe to be, the most definitive and unique era of American design, we strive to bring only the best in mid-century furniture to those who feel the same.